Think About Love is free Dec 7-9 on Amazon!

To celebrate my birthday, I’m offering the Kindle edition of THINK ABOUT LOVE free this weekend!

One of the things I love about being a writer is the joy of sharing my belief in love with my readers. I treasure the joy of sharing life and love with the man I love, our five adult children, and  seven grandchildren – the seventh, Rebecca, just arrived two weeks ago!

This weekend, I’d like to share Think About Love – a story I loved writing - with readers who love romance.

Think About Love was the first of my books to be reviewed by Publisher’s Weekly. My editor at Kensington sent me the review before I saw a copy of the printed book. I hoped to see good sales for this title, but unfortunately, hardly anyone got to see the book because the publisher discontinued the Zebra Bouquet line, and Think About Love was published in the imprint’s final month. The publisher printed so few copies that I didn’t even get the copies I’d ordered for my friends and family. I generally refer to this book as, “the one they printed 10 copies of,” although I admit that’s an exaggeration :)

Now, thanks to the marvels of Indie publishing, Think About Love has been available in my own Indie edition for a couple of months. Because independent authors get to choose their own cover artists, I’m lucky enough to have the perfect cover, designed by my daughter, Angela Oltmann of

I hope you enjoy reading the story of Samantha, a successful and ambitious businesswoman, whose life is turned upside down when she gets a call for help in a family emergency.

Have a great day

Vanessa Grant

Think About Love – free this weekend at
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  1. vanessagrant says:

    There seems to be a glitch on this weekend. Think About Love is showin as having a free promotion on my Author’s Bookshelf, but on the book’s web page on, it’s not showing free. The free status appears to be displaying properly on, and

    I’ve reported the problem, but it may take some time to get it fixed for Hopefully overnight it will be fixed.

    Meanwhile, I’ve got IF YOU LOVED ME set to be free Dec 8 and 9 as a substitute.


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