Seeing Stars – last two free days!!


Take a man, a woman, and a starlit night.
Mix thoroughly, and add love.

Seeing Stars – last two free days on Amazon’s Kindle store, September 15 and 16.

Download your free copy and take a journey with mountaintop astronomer Claire Welland, who is anything but starry-eyed, and the man she remembers as the bad boy from her high school days.

Free Saturday and Sunday on the Amazon Kindle store!


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6 Responses to Seeing Stars – last two free days!!

  1. sarah keel says:

    hi, just wanted to tell you i loved seeing stars. such a wonderful book!!!!

  2. Celia Higuera says:

    I just finished reading five novels translated into Spanish, do not know if you are given a different connotation, but the style, the plot and the personalities of the characters have fascinated me. I have fond few months of reading romantic read, I read about 300 novels by an average of 60 writers and by far your novels are best. I love being able to express it and to know that some people will recognize your work. I’m eager to find more novels from you! Congratulations.

  3. Mariam says:

    Loved this book…is there a book two ? A continuation of the first book?

    • vanessagrant says:

      Thanks, Miriam. I don’t have a continuation of Seeing Stars, but it would be fun to write one. Thanks for the suggestion.

      Meanwhile, Think About Love is free today (last free day)

      Have a great day

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