Character Name Database

Writers! Feel free to explore this 60,000 name database in search of the perfect character name. This is the world’s largest database of forenames complete with origins, meanings, and numerology interpretations – brought to you by Vanessa Grant and Muse Creations Inc.

Experiment with the options in your search. For example, you can

  • search for names by beginning letters, ending letters, or exact spelling
  • search for names ending in certain letters (for example, only names ending in “illa” or “ry”)
  • search for names by meaning by clicking on the “contains” button
  • select an origin from the pop-down list to restrict your search to a national/ethnic origin


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19 thoughts on “Character Name Database”

  1. The MuseNames database is Copyright 1997-2011, Muse Creations Inc.
    Muse Creations also wishes to thank Hakim Chishti who contributed the Muslim Names database, which is Copyright Hakim Chishti.

  2. Is there any way to get the muse desk top software to work with windows 7? I frequently work offline and use name meaning prevalently in my writing. I really prefer the layout and ease of use of the software but can’t seem to get it to work on my new computers. 🙁

    1. You could install a Windows XP or Windows 2000 “virtual machine” in your Windows 7 environment – you would need a licensed copy of Windows XP to do this, but if it’s done right MuseNames will run pretty transparently within the Windows 7 environment.

      If you want instructions on how to do this, let me know and I should be able to locate the information on how to do this on the Web.


  3. Hi Vanessa,

    I really really really REALLLLLLY miss my Muse Names software … really REALLY! lol! If you ever do a Windows 7 version please let me know? I don’t think I still have an XP installation disk any more; all my comps are now W7. But if you have a secret list of people wanting you to recreate Muse as a reincarnation, please add me? (Oooh, a list – a petition, that’s what we need! ) … Anyway, that’s me, one more poor lost soul who shall be nameless (at least software-wise) for now. 🙂

    Other than that I hope life is treating you well!

    Best wishes
    Jo Holloway

    1. Hi, Jo

      Unfortunately, we’re not considering a new version at present. I opened up the database for free searching on the website – it’s a larger database – about 10,000 more names, the searches work the same as in the desktop version, but of course you can’t save favorites. I know it’s not the same.

      One solution is to run the XP version in a virtual Windows XP window inside Windows, as I described in the previous posting. My son set that up for me at one point, and it worked pretty well. It takes someone with a bit of tech savvy to set up the virtual XP part of it, but if you want to try it, contact me and I can get you an install file for the XP version of MuseNames


      1. Hi Vanessa,

        I’m perfectly fine with setting up a virtual machine, in fact it’s something I’d like to learn how to do anyway. I’m ‘a bit’ tech savvy, so I could probably figure it out if I had the software to do it with. I do have a copy of XP – I think, lol. If not, I’m sure I can find one!


  4. Hi Vanessa! Glad to see the online version of MuseNames is thriving. Yet, like several others, I actually prefer to use the XP or standalone version.

    If you have the install file for earlier (latest) Windows version, I can have our tech staff install and cionfigure it to run. I will share the instruction with you to give to anyone who wishes to have it. I am confident we can make it work.

    All the best,

    Hakim Chishti

    1. Hi, Hakim

      I’ll do that. I’ll send you an install file, and you can send me back instructions to make it work on new systems 🙂

      I’ll just dig out the latest version. Might take a while 🙂

    2. Hello again, Hakim

      I sent you a direct email and didn’t get a response and I’m wondering if it bounced. Could you update me with your current email address. I’d be happy to take you up on the offer to work out a way to run MuseNames in Windows 7

  5. Hi Vanessa, I did see your response here, but did not get any direct email. is the best way to reach me now. I am considering what is involved in the upgrading of MuseNames. I haven’t had a chance to discus the project with out programmers. Please do send me your direct email address, and I will reply with some specific ideas and questions. All the best, Hakim Chishti

  6. Looking forward to the techies creating an easy way … I have no idea what a virtual XP machine is. LOL! I think I still have my copy of Muse install file stored away somewhere but it’s pretty old … would love to see a new version and would happily promote it on our publishing web site; it’s such a brilliant programme and I haven’t found anything that matches up. 😀

    1. Hi, Jo

      Thanks for the good words about MuseNames, and the offer to promote it on your publishing web site. The interest I’ve seen here is making me think about it 🙂

      Meanwhile, Hakim and I are now in touch, so I’ll post results here when there’s news.


  7. Hi Vanessa. Is the database down, or has it gone bye-bye? Thank you for making this resource available to us.

  8. I know that ukrainian names probably not popular but those that is here are not ukrainian at all. sorry that I can’t say this more correct. my english is bad.

    1. Hi, Sasha
      Thank you for your feedback.

      I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t found as many Ukranian names as you would like in the names database. When I got your comment I did a spot check of a few of the Ukranian names in the database, and they are in use in the Ukraine, although it’s obvious from your comment that they’re not names familiar to you.

      Can you recommend a reliable print source of Ukranian names?

      Best wishes

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