The Colors of Love

Title: The Colors of Love
By: Vanessa Grant

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“Ms. Grant creates a masterpiece … romance at its best.” Rendezvous.

Jamie Ferguson – artistic, impulsive, and unreliable – gets under Alex’s skin from the moment he first sees her. With her riot of red curls and flashing emerald eyes, Jamie is the very picture of a restless spirit – the kind of woman he knows all too well

Alex craves order, efficiency, and sensible women, but he’s about to stumble into a storm of love and learn that life has depths he never dreamed.

Jamie finds Dr. Alexander Kent domineering and strangely gruff. But when she begins painting his portrait in gold and rose hues, she discovers that his scowl hides a well of tenderness. It’s up to her to show him that the growing love they share is not only red-hot, but also enduring, timeless, and simply meant to be.