So Much for Dreams

Title: So Much for Dreams
Series: Canadian West Coast Romances
By: Vanessa Grant

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The Senorita and the Drifter …
What happens when a drifter running from his past rescues a woman who can’t speak Spanish from a cluster of admiring Mexican men? The last thing Joe wants is to fall for a woman who craves commitments and can’t refuse a cry for help, but he can’t leave Dinah and her ancient car on a remote mountain road …

Nicole dashed off to Mexico without knowing if her car could survive the journey, or thinking about her lack of Spanish. Maybe it isn’t surprising that she herself needs rescuing, but searching for a young girl desperate for help in a strange country is difficult enough without Joe. Having hit bottom herself and pulled back up, Dinah has no patience for drifters and Joe is the last thing she wants … and everything she needs.