On Johnny’s Terms

Title: On Johnny's Terms
Series: Time for Love #5
By: Vanessa Grant

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Originally published under the title The Moon Lady’s Lover

Cynthia knows it’s outrageous to ask Jonathan’s help when they haven’t spoken a civil word in the fourteen years since she was sixteen. Yet she’s just flown across the country to find him, trying to find the right words all through the four-hour flight.

She didn’t call to say she was coming, so he won’t be expecting her. He certainly won’t smile when he sees her, or when she announces, “I came to ask you for money.”

Author’s Note: Sometimes the universe gives me a gift when a title that evokes my novel’s theme and atmosphere pops into my mind early in the creation process. The title for “On Johnny’s Terms” appeared while I wrote the second scene of Cynthia and Jonathan’s love story. Perfect, I decided, and I played with nuances of Johnny’s terms as I refused to give Cynthia exactly what she asked for, but … well, in the end, both Johnny and I wanted much more for her than she dreamed was possible.

Unfortunately the title and the nickname “Johnny” were not a hit with my publisher – not romantic enough. So I replaced “Johnny” with “Jonathan” and came up with a title the publisher and I could agree on, and The Moon Lady’s Lover  was released.

Fast forward to the year 2011, a world where authors can make their own decisions on titles and cover art. When my cover artist and I discussed cover ideas for the new eBook release, I sent her the artwork summary I had prepared for the original print publisher. I didn’t mention the title issue because I’d forgotten about the original title until I opened the artwork summary to send it.

When I saw the cover Angela created, I was surprised and excited to see the title “On Johnny’s Terms”. Thank you, Angela, the cover scene is exactly what I wanted and the title is perfect.

… to my readers, I hope you enjoy reading the story of Johnny and Cynthia as much as I enjoyed writing it.