Latin Legacy Trilogy

Title: Latin Legacy Trilogy
Series: Collections
By: Vanessa Grant

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A journey into the lives of three couples mixing modern life, circa 1992, and multicultural love.

CATALINAS LOVER ~ Juan Corsica Perez is the one man Cathy Jenan can’t forget. Once, in the mountains of Peru, they knew each other… and once it was wonderful. But although Cathy has traveled all over the world since she last saw her first love, she’s never returned to Peru … until fate, and Juan Corsica Perez, forces her back.

STRANGERS BY DAY ~ You can’t offer to marry every man you meet.

Faith’s father is a Corsica, which is as Latin as one can get, but it’s the American half that keeps getting her into trouble.

Widowed and childless at thirty-one, Faith wants to start again, and being marooned in the tropics with an attractive stranger puts life in perspective. She’s determined that life on a ranch in the British Columbia wilds and marriage with passion—if not love—can give her the home and child she so desperately wants. But can they build a happy future together before time runs out?

DANCE OF SEDUCTION ~ Ricardo Swan vowed never to fall victim to irrational passion, but when he sees La Gitana dancing in a Merida night club, he’s overwhelmed by his own primitive needs.

The woman who calls herself La Gitana is Mexico’s most popular singer and folk dancer, known for the passion of her dance. But inside, Maria is frozen. Can Ricardo get past Maria’s brothers and her own defenses to unlock the heart of the woman he loves?