Island Hearts (Jenny’s Turn & Stray Lady)

Title: Island Hearts (Jenny's Turn & Stray Lady)
Series: Collections
By: Vanessa Grant

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… Island Hearts
two classic Vanessa Grant romance novels.


Life with Jake was fascinating!

His energy, arrogance, and talent made working with him an exciting experience. For years Jenny had managed to keep her growing feelings for him under control.

Sometimes he looked at her as if he wanted her; but then he wanted so many women, didn’t he? She wasn’t about to become one of the gang. Loving, Jenny had learned early in life, only brought pain, and she knew the only way to get over Jake was to leave Vancouver and get out of his life. So she ran – but a Pacific Island just south of Alaska wasn’t nearly far enough!


One minute George was sailing single-handed down Canada’s west coast, willing the salt breezes to show her how to go on living without her late husband. The next she was being pulled from the waves by island lighthouse keeper Lyle Stevens and drawn into a magic existence with Lyle and his daughter.

Lyle offered George love and the home she’d never known – if only she had the courage to gamble on love again!