If You Loved Me

Title: If You Loved Me
Series: Time for Love #7
By: Vanessa Grant

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She needs his help to find her son – no matter what the cost!

When Seattle surgeon Emma Garrett’s son disappears on an adventurous kayaking trip, Emma  desperately needs the help of an expert who knows the territory.

Nobody knows the Pacific Ocean’s north coast wilderness like Gray McKenzie, but when Emma arrives on Gray’s remote doorstep unannounced and determined to enlist his aid in the search for her son, she soon realizes that reawakening her past may cost far more than she’d imagined.

Together, they will journey through the wilderness that Emma finds so frightening, desperate to find Emma’s missing son.  – but can a city surgeon dedicated to rebuilding damaged children’s bodies, and a man who lives and breathes wilderness, ever build a life together that includes both their worlds?


I’ve always been fascinated by the power of certain settings to wield control over so much of our lives. When the universal themes of survival, love, and the dreams that drive human men and women interact with extreme environments, lives can be transformed in unexpected ways.

When the setting is remote – like the northern waters where Emma’s son Chris and his friend have disappeared – and isolated, and men and women are stressed by life and death issues, there’s not a lot of room for pretence or hesitation.

And when people go missing in the remote, largely unpopulated coastal forests of the North Pacific shores, everyone knows it’s a matter of life and death.

The waters, the islands, the incredible beauty and the challenges of life on the North Coast are all very real. Emma and Gray are also very real to me – the woman who has always afraid of the wilderness, and the man with a wild heart he refuses to risk.

I hope you enjoy If You Loved Me as much as I enjoyed writing it, and preparing it for this new release. It’s a story that has a very special place in my heart.